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#14 Condura 10.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, CWM10TWT

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#14 Condura 10.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, CWM10TWT

as low as 401 x 18 months
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Product Description

Tackle large loads of laundry with ease. The Condura CWM10TWT Twin Tub Washing Machine has robust washing capabilities effortlessly eliminate dirt and stains throughout the washing cycle, ensuring your clothes emerge spotless and fresh. The innovative spin-drying feature, equipped with an air fry component, efficiently removes excess water, expediting the drying process. Crafted for durability, this rust-proof marvel boasts a long-lasting build, offering reliable performance for years to come. Incorporating a magic filter, it adeptly captures lint, sequins, threads, and any residual debris, safeguarding the impeccable condition of your garments throughout the washing process. The water inlet switch, complete with a filter, provides added convenience, allowing you to control the water flow effortlessly and ensuring a seamless laundry experience. Enhance your laundry routine by upgrading to a system that offers thorough cleaning and streamlines your tasks with innovative features.

Product Specifications



Dry Capacity





L 51.2 x W 87 x H 100.5 cm

₱401 x 18 months

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