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#13 Honor X8b 512GB/16GB Cellphone Mobile Phone

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#13 Honor X8b 512GB/16GB Cellphone Mobile Phone

as low as 519 x 18 months
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Product Description

Introducing the Honor X8b with the Revolutionary Magic Capsule: With 6.7 inches in screen size and 512 GB of memory, the Honor X8b smartphone boasts a groundbreaking innovation: the Magic Capsule. This portable device goes beyond a typical accessory, offering a dynamic and informative experience for users. Let's delve deeper into what makes the Magic Capsule so unique. Dynamic App Information at Your Fingertips: The Magic Capsule isn't just a storage solution; it provides real-time app information in a visually appealing and dynamic way. Imagine having access to key app data, like usage statistics and notifications, directly through the capsule. This eliminates the need to constantly unlock your phone and switch between apps, offering a more streamlined and efficient way to stay informed. Unmatched Storage Capacity for Lasting Memories: The Magic Capsule packs a powerful punch when it comes to storage capacity. Offering a staggering amount of space equivalent to a laptop, you can store a massive collection of photos and videos. This translates to over 125,000 photos, ensuring your precious memories are safe and readily accessible, even when you upgrade to a new phone. No longer will you have to worry about losing cherished moments due to limited storage space. A Seamless Transition Between Devices: The Honor X8b, coupled with the Magic Capsule, creates a seamless user experience. With the ample storage provided by the capsule, you can easily transfer your photos and videos between your old and new phone without any hassle. This ensures a smooth transition and eliminates the worry of losing valuable data during an upgrade.

Product Specifications



Operating System*


Screen Size*

6.7 inches

Internal Storage*

512 GB

₱519 x 18 months

Estimated calculation only