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San-Yang Dining Table 300123

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San-Yang Dining Table 300123

as low as 1,069 x 18 months
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Product Description

Experience the epitome of practicality and style with the San-Yang Dining Table, an essential piece that brings functionality and contemporary design to your dining space. Utilize it for family meals, gatherings with friends, or even as a versatile workspace, and enjoy the durability and style it brings to your home. Effortlessly blends efficiency with a sleek aesthetic, providing a versatile surface for various uses. Crafted from durable materials, it guarantees steadfast support, becoming a valuable asset for any dining area. Its streamlined design not only complements diverse interior styles but also introduces a touch of modern sophistication to your dining space. Embrace its practical functionality and efficiency, as it stands as a reliable and chic choice seamlessly blending into the overall ambiance of your social setting.

Product Specifications

Net Dimension

210 x 106 x 75cm

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₱1,069 x 18 months

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