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Sony Shake Component X10

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Sony Shake Component X10

as low as 919 x 24 months
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Product Description

Transform any space into an electrifying party haven with the Sony Shake Component X10. In perfect harmony, dynamic DJ effects and mesmerizing multicolored LEDs collaborate to metamorphose your surroundings. Prepare to be engulfed by soul-shaking bass, courtesy of the Sound Pressure Horn, ensuring an audio experience that resonates with the rhythm of your soul. This dynamic audio system not only provides an enhanced wireless listening adventure for all your music but also boasts club-like LED speaker illumination, setting the stage for an electrifying ambiance. Elevate the excitement with four distinctive DJ effects, designed to get the crowd in sync with the beat, creating a memorable party atmosphere. With karaoke features to let you become the star of the night and a guitar input for your mini concerts. It guarantees that every gathering becomes a lively celebration of both sound and light, introducing an unparalleled dimension to your audio experience.

Product Specifications


45 x 26.5 x 32.9cm

Power (W)


Weight (in kg)


Other Features

Has LED lights that create a party atmosphere, Karaoke features and DJ effects for club-style sound.

₱919 x 24 months

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