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Sony V43D High Power Audio System with Bluetooth Technology MHC-V43D

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Sony V43D High Power Audio System with Bluetooth Technology MHC-V43D

as low as 789 x 18 months
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Product Description

Craft the definitive dancefloor encounter. Sense the pulse of your favored tracks reverberating throughout every nook of your venue, courtesy of omnidirectional party sound. Witness the transformation of your dancefloor into a pulsating spectacle that captivates and energizes every attendee. Experience festival vibes with DSP Technology, delivering lifelike concert ambience to your music. With Omnidirectional Party Light, your venue transforms into a pulsating nightclub or outdoor festival, enveloping guests in waves of vibrant colors and energy. Unleash your inner pop star with dual microphone inputs, allowing for thrilling karaoke battles and sing-alongs. Take control with vertical and horizontal gesture commands, seamlessly managing music playback, effects, and microphone settings with a wave of your hand. Immerse yourself in rhythm with TAIKO Mode, turning every beat into an opportunity for interactive fun. With the Fiestable app, enjoy intuitive control and share your party status on social media with a single click, asserting your dominance as the certified Party King. Reign supreme over every gathering with our powerhouse sound system, designed to command attention and ignite the party spirit like never before

Product Specifications


349.5 x 795 x 328.5mm

Other Features

Has Omnidirectional Party Sound, Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light, Party Playlist and Karaoke Ranking, via Fiestable,

Item Weight


Input Ports

HDMI, USB , Optical input, Mic & Guitar In

₱789 x 18 months

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